Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications
Subject:   thanks
Date:   2002-08-08 21:55:50
From:   psheldon
Response to: Re: Eg.2, passing and retrieving

Reminds me of a long ago memory of APL. Pretty good memory when I am exhausted from working out a digital laplacian version of Mike Beam's column.

Need to figure out how to pencil around an F-Script sentence like :
"[:a| a at:a location = 'CHICAGO' & (a capacity >=200)]"

Also, might like to know if at: was short for attribute or where to go look it up, eg. examples on how to navigate your pdf book on F-Script. Maybe further columns will get up my nerve to navigate or I shall simply read the book when I get enough confidence.

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  1. thanks
    2002-08-09 09:46:33  pmougin [View]

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