Automated Backups on Tiger Using rsync
Subject:   Whats wrong with my syntax?
Date:   2006-12-17 22:58:23
From:   valdi
Response to: Whats wrong with my syntax?

Im running the following command:

rsync -aE --delete /Users/MacBook/Desktop/me/ /Volumes/HD/ 2>>~/rsyncErr.txt || echo -n

and its working fine, but my problem is the volume HD when i drag it to terminal sometimes it shows HD, sometimes it shows HD-1 and sometimes HD-2, im really confused .. cause if its hd-1 and its written in the command as hd-2 it will not take a backup.

note that HD is a folder located in the Xserve raid and its connected to my computer through the ethernet network!
how can i avoid this problem!