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Subject:   action controller: exception caught
Date:   2006-12-19 00:50:27
From:   persieNoPound
i see it has been a while since the last activity on here, but if anyone is still hangin around, i would love a little assistance so i can continue on with all this ruby fun.
things have gone well up until the 3rd page where i try to open /recipe/new and i get

Errno::EBADF in RecipeController#new
exception caught
bad file discriptor - connect(2)
RAILS_ROOT ./script/../config/..
all of my code seems fine (yes, all 3 lines!) none of the error trace showed files that i had edited.
i did notice on the console which is connected to my server is occasionally accessing /favicon.ico - not sure about that but it doesn't seem very ruby-like. just in case, i restarted the server and mySql (i'm using myPhpAdmin) but nothin new happened.
as you can probably tell i am (brand!) new to this, and seeing as how nobody else has had this error i'm thinking it is either me or some config setting from my server provider. what do you think?

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    • action controller: exception caught
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