Review/Preview: 2006 and 2007 in Java
Subject:   The Year Java became Legacy
Date:   2006-12-20 20:16:50
From:   kebernet
Groovy, JRuby, whatever. Java became legacy on the JVM. Interestingly, Java's static typic and toolset made GWT the talk of the town. Somehow in my world this almost implies the truth of:
Closures are rocket science in search of a problem.

Look, Hash-based languages are OK, they are just not what people really want. Not unlike the people who talk about "SOA" but not "SOAP". They are frankly, twisted. The idea that you can write reliable client-server software without a contract -- whether it be SOAP/WSDL/XSD/NGRelax or ATOM, where there is some agreement on preservation and adaptation, is just rediculously stupid at so many levels it isn't even worth explaining. Just working on ROME where we presever unknown elements is hard enough. The idea that there would be unlimited preservation in any B2B webservice, frankly indicates to me that the person talking about hasn't f*ck clue-1 what they are talking about.