Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   The issue is not OS 9 to OS X---
Date:   2002-08-09 18:54:29
From:   dicklacara
The issue is upgrading from OS X 10.1 to 10.2.

OS 7-9.x users -- bless 'em (I am one of you).. but technology moves on!

Have I ordered Jaguar? -- no, not yet -- But I will! I am just waiting for the best deal!

Why Jaguar?

Because everything new that comes from Apple will be built on the shoulders of Jaguar.

This is as important to Mac users as the win 3.x to win 95 transition was to Microsoft users.

How do I justify it?

Simple! It lets me take advantage of the newer, cheaper technology.

Steve recently said at the announcement of the [then] new iMac G4, That "here is a new iMac,
that is 4 times the original iMac, for the same price". My original 1978 Apple ][ cost $1795, 16 KB RAM - no disks, no CD, no GUI. (I need to tell you that $1795 in today's dollars is about $20,000).

I recently bought a 60 Gig hard drive for far less than I paid for a 4 Gig, 4 years ago.

So, for $129 (or whatever deal I can find) I can exploit the latest new technology-- that's a pretty good investment.

Yes, I still have a 7200 (the Mac II finally belied up) with a SCSI scanner, and PhotoShop 3,5 --
but I can use it and still take advantage of my Blueberry iMac and network them with the TiBook.

I only bought the TiBook so I could work while visiting my Mom in the hospital.

The TiBook opened my eyes -- there is a new world out there that I hadn't seen (with my comfortable, old familiar iMac).

I can get more done in an hour on the TiBook/OS X than I could do in days on my older systems.

It's just better, and better wins -- and it makes me win, too!

I am pretty close with the dollar -- but Jaguar is an investment that I expect will reap great dividends.