A Contrarian View of Open Source
Subject:   Contrarian view of Noam Chomsky
Date:   2002-08-09 22:04:23
From:   ngaio
Bruce Sterling writes "People are wasting time on dissident relics like Noam Chomsky. Professor Chomsky is a pretty good dissident: he's persistent, he means what he says, and he's certainly very courageous, but this is the 21st century, and Stallman is a bigger deal. Lawrence Lessig is a bigger deal."

Relic? Are people in their 70s automatically relics? Of course not, just as fighting for the rights of ordinary folks to lead a decent life without being crushed by the powerful will always be relevant. That is what Noam Chomsky does. Perhaps Bruce Sterling forgets that without the right political, economic, cultural, intellectual, social and environmental conditions, there would be no free software movement to begin with. There would be no Bruce Sterling.

Now, who is the "bigger" person if we are serious about decent life for all? Does the question even make sense? Let us all do our part, and get on with it.

Damon Lynch