O'Reilly Happenings at Macworld SF 2007
Subject:   O'Reilly Digital Media leads the way towards Macworld 2007! I just wish...
Date:   2006-12-22 20:46:17
From:   GaryLester
O"reilly Digital Media certainly took the lead in publishing high quality books and tutorials that allowed us to make the most of hardware and creative software tools.
Even so as we head into 2007 I find myself wishing for more information than seems to be available.
I bet many other digital photographers are too!
While there is plenty of information related to digital workflow, image process and file management I continue to wonder when there might be more.
Yes I want more! More, more, more!
Specifically information, advice or training that leads photographers beyond image production and into the business of distributing work product through to the advertising media and publishing world.
I don't hear anyone talking about how to deploy technical skill in a way that leads beyond making pretty pictures and onto working as an imaging professional.
Let's hear more about digital color proofing that enables photographers to deliver content beyond the digital darkroom and into the marketplace across devices and wherever that may be.
How about details important to presenting images in a gallery and how to get ready for a show.
More about the future technology that will allow us to colloborate with other media professionals to create content that is really something else.
The digital revolution is now just reality!
What's next gentleman? That's what I really want to know!