Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Missing the point? I don't think so.
Date:   2002-08-09 23:39:41
From:   dlattari
Response to: Missing the point? I don't think so.

I too, am a graphic prepress professional. I chose to partition my drive and experiment with 10.1>10.1.5.
Within an hour of my first taste of it I was planning my full switch (which will become complete when Quark finally shows some loyalty to its traditional user base and release an OSX version).
To summarize my experience:
1. No crashes now for over 6 months - ALWAYS ON. This is worth the price of admission right there!
2. Quark runs in classic mode only marginally slower than in OS9 and freezes less.
3. Suitcase is more than adequate for font management.
4. Illustrator is a dog, but has ALWAYS been a dog!
5. PS performance is comparable and mostly better in OSX.
6. FTP, web design, mail and surfing is smooth as on OSX.
7. PDF creation using Distiller is speedy and reliable on my rig.
8. Not one kernel panick ever... don't even know what it looks like (I presume it's a sys wide freeze?)
9. My Epson worked like I never switched OS.
10. My AGFA scanner worked like I never switched OS
11. All still and video cameras plugged and played with an ease that was almost disconcerting - and jawdropping for the PC nuts looking at my box secretly wishing it would fail (gotta be the most satisfying demo one can do to a Mac-hating PCnut. You'd have to shoot me to go back to OS9... and I loved OS9. Sure you've got to 'think' about how to transition smoothly.... but sticking one's head in the sand is only going to give one a much steeper learning curve later... and there WILL be a later.

In case you're wondering I have a G3 B&W 450MHz with a bog standard Rage 128 video card.
My 2 cents on what will improve performance of OSX?
RAM, RAM and more RAM. I have 1Gb on board and my rig rocks with this SPECTACULAR OS!
For productivity losses you perceive would result - here's my take on that. Nothing will increase productivity more when working in Quark and most other prepress production software like more RAM to keep more apps open and ready for action, and twin 21" monitor setups.
Enjoy now... or later (but you vill enjoy ;-)
Good luck