Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications
Subject:   thanks, example gave something to chew on
Date:   2002-08-10 08:26:50
From:   psheldon
Response to: IBLiveMode example needed story detailing scripting

object1 setTarget:[sys beep]. object1 setAction:#value:

Here, in guessing a parsing of this statement for meaning, I use my dumb in hindsight gestalt. Object is not action ie. noun is not verb.

Here # means the last statement's objects output, much as in maple computer algebra language % does. In maple I learned a writing "style with %" that helps sequential interactive developement of a compound statement in a >-promt-line of code. I suppose that I will learn a similar style in F-Script.

object1, through connection I made in IB, now stands for the button. I want the (button) control to do something. I have certain syntactic elements in F-Script to build with. I always do something in an object oriented language by sending a message to an object. Thence, I have to set a target object and say what action I want it to take.

In the line of F_script code example, in the language of IB, the button gets associated with an action. In the MVC notion of things the F-Script object is the controller while value: is the action in the controller with # abbreviating.

Yet, here is a surprise that confusing and means an emerging more powerful conceptualization.

You made the syntax of F-Script so it would be wrong to simply write :

object1 setAction: [sys beep] value:

I have some vague memory in ObjC.pdf book about what wiring really means in IB. The memory was vague because the writing was very terse, I believe to hide initially a level of detail that would scare an early reader.

So, now that I am not an early reader, perhaps you can put in words I can swallow why not my proposed abbreviation, ie. why the above syntax doesn't confuse me but would confuse the computer.


Also, I don't have a clue how to make an outlet. So, what section of your book would I read for actions and outlets. It might give some introduction as to what is going on. Maybe, if console works, the computer would complain to me when I wrote it my abbreviated statement. I'm getting that experimental itch! Good.


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  1. thanks, example gave something to chew on
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