Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications
Subject:   thank you, the use of warnings
Date:   2002-08-10 08:40:18
From:   psheldon
Response to: example parameters and result

Now I know what warnings are for! They are nice. In my early experience of programming, when I got past listings with all their error messages, I would announce, attempting to smile to the boss, I am now ready for "trial by execution". The sentence embodied an unfair legal system much as the puritan dunking stool. Maybe the phrase, "getting your feet wet" is a euphemism for the way I should have felt back then.

The boss had the luxury of irresponsibility and would sit back and see what happened. I was paid to be responsible if it didn't work. I see that bosses nowadays have also paid compiler designers to be responsible. I imagine compiler designers are left to do the trial by execution. That is what Apple tried to have the community understand when it had us users be beta testers and participate in development.