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Subject:   Centering the view.
Date:   2002-08-10 12:28:06
From:   henrihansen
Well, this question has already been asked in the "working with bitmaps" article but remained unanswered so far.

So, I wanted to take the following approach: when the window is resized (for example the user makes the window larger then the view should be placed in the center of the window) there should be an NSWindowDidResize notification flying around. My goal is to register the ImageView for this notification in order to catch it and make some adjustments on the placement of the ImageView.

I have no problems, registering and unregistering the ImageView with the default notificationCenter, but it looks like there is no NSWindowDidResize notification, well at least my method to handle the event is not invoked, which I checked with the help of NSLog.

The only idea I have, is that it is not sufficient to register the ImageView with the notificationCenter? Might it be, that the windows aren't automatically sending these notifications?

Any help is appreciated

greetings Henri

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  1. Centering the view.
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    • Solution here:
      2002-08-12 07:30:31  infallible [View]

      • Oh almost forgot
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