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Subject:   Cant install Tiger on iMac
Date:   2006-12-31 02:40:58
From:   pierrejoaquin
Hi there, I've searched through various threads but could not find the answer I'm looking for. So I hope I'm not repeating this question.
I'm trying to upgrade to Tiger on my imac G4. While my installation disk is in the drive at boot up, it brings me to open firm ware.
I type in mac-boot to continue, however, i just get a flashing "finder icon / question mark" repeatedly.
I then have to a hard boot and eject the disk to continue.
I've checked on the apple site to see if I should update my firmware, however it indicates that my iMac (2003) doesn't require one.
Then I removed my security setting by typing "setenv security-mode none".
Still the same result.
Please help thanks!

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