The New Breed of Version Control Systems
Subject:   New breed?
Date:   2007-01-03 10:02:11
From:   VCWizard
Although this article was about open source version control, I still don't get how fixing known issues with CVS can be considered 'new breed.' Version control tools are all about commoditized and part of larger suites of development tools. The only tool I can think of that isn't based on RCS or file-based is Accurev. There may be a learning curve if one is only familiar with CVS, but from what I saw in demonstrations, it is worth the investment to improve productivity, eliminate scripting, the so called, Merge Day parties, and not branching off the mainline out of fear. If I were in school today, I'd be learning Accurev version control right along with Clearcase so when Clearcase is replaced, I still have a job.

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  1. New breed?
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