A Contrarian View of Open Source
Subject:   Lots of Fiction, Little Science
Date:   2002-08-12 09:11:31
From:   jonogden
Oh Please. Demonizing Gates is so 90's.

This bushwa sounds like all the conspiracy stories of the gasoline companies buying up the plans for every sooperdooper engine that runs on water invented by...etc. ad nauseam

Here's a clue: The Contrarian makes his money selling his creations (or would like to, I don't know that I've read a lot by him). Gates definitely does. For that matter, so do I, though not with the same success as Gates.

Those of who do get paid - those who don't, write open source...or write about open source which is even sadder.

Jon Ogden

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  1. Lots of Fiction, Little Science
    2002-08-12 16:11:43  whistlestopjunkie [View]

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