Subject:   Have and Have Not
Date:   2007-01-06 15:26:07
From:   Stephenmcm
My concern is the roughly 30%+ of populations, even 1st world, that are not literate enought to deal with WWW, web 1.0 or web 2.0.

We cannot leave them behind or we will have internecine warfare. What price a PC then?

My challenge is how to engage the least able in our population with the benefits of what you describe. How do we not leave them behind?

Can we utilise the innovation and creativity described to help those less able to move up the food chain?

If not, then we are developing a paradigm of separation that will ultimately do us all no good.

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  1. Have and Have Not
    2007-09-19 08:02:16  tobywun [View]

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