Optimizing Your Servers' Pagefile Performance
Subject:   Other Uses ...
Date:   2007-01-10 10:08:04
From:   tanstaafl
Response to: Performance Tips Without Measurements?

We are designing an industrial system and would like to avoid rotating media, at least for the OS, which we plan to put on a flash RAM card, which would then be write-protected so that power failures don't affect OS files (this has been the bane of our existence with current systems). To avoid wearing out the card (the number of writes are relatively limited), we thought that we would have to use WinXPE, which was designed to work in embedded systems with limited resources and write-protected OS media.

Our resources are _not_ limited, however, and we disliked the limitations WinXPE appears to have; we would much prefer to use WinXP Pro instead. If we indeed can move the pagefile to a disk, I'm so excited I could spit. We'll have more to report in a bit.