Using the Mozilla SOAP API
Subject:   Calling a web service
Date:   2007-01-11 06:19:52
From:   hassankth
Response to: Calling a web service

If you're using the a Microsfot .Net Webservice i suggest that you use the SOAPMessage to get all the details. Since the returned response is a soap message. You can easily process this xml data with even knowing the exact names of returned elements. Well they are mentioned in wsdl i know.
Anyway here is the sample techique to do this all.

var resultParams = wsResponse.message;
var xmlsr = new XMLSerializer();
var strmsg = xmlsr.serializeToString(resultParams);
var parser = new DOMParser();
var dom = arser.parseFromString(strmsg,"text/xml");

Now you can use the getElementsByTagName method to get the Body tag, and in a loop you can get all the results.

I hope i'm able to explain.