Remote Scripting with IFRAME
Subject:   Please Help Me Debug: Probs With IE Properties (I think)
Date:   2007-01-12 06:03:53
From:   pbd22

i have been trying to use this code for days now and can't seem to get it to work. i am trying to do a javascript multi-file upload via hidden iframe - its kinda tricky, but doable, i think.

it seems that when the IE7 script debugger is turned on it complains that the location.iframe
and location.replace properties do not exist. I am guessing that this must be my problem (although, it is just a guess) because when i try the script, i get a httpfilecollection count of zero on the server.

has anybody had the same problem? or, would somebody mind helping me figure out what is wrong.

i would seriously appreciate the help.

kind regards.

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