Macworld 2007: 1984 All Over Again
Subject:   I'm tiresomely pedantic
Date:   2007-01-12 18:29:42
From:   paulwaite
> "Except for the Apple TV, they left the keynote with nothing to buy"

Well, and the new Airport Extreme, but I guess he didn't mention that.

> "No tablet this year."

You don't think the iPhone is a tablet? It's a computer operated by its screen, targeted at a specific set of uses (i.e. mobile telephony, internet access, music/video playback, taking & displaying photos). I think that pretty much describes tablet computers. There's no such thing as a general purpose tablet computer, because no-one wants one. General purpose computing currently requires input devices people are familiar with, i.e. a keyboard and a mouse.

> "why hasn't the iTunes music store been renamed? You can buy a lot more than music."

It has been. It's just called the "iTunes Store" now.

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