iPod shuffle Tips and Tricks
Date:   2007-01-13 06:08:29
by Wreigh Paris, Lorica Law Office, Urdaneta City (Pangasinan), Philippines

MONTHS AGO and as a paralegal officer of said law office, I normally used my 1GB iPod Shuffle (hereinafter referred to as Shuffle for brevity) both as an MP3 Player and a Memory Flash Drive. And for a number of months from date of acquisition, I had no problem with it until my PC started failing to “open” it via double mouse clicks but with “explore” on My Computer.

Uneasy with said unexpected development, I tried to “restore” it to its factory settings using the latest iPod Software Updater but it didn’t respond and showed a “Disk write error” instead. The same goes when I tried to “update” its firmware, commonly known as the hardware’s driver. So, I had to settle with said problem.

But, one day, as I turned on my Shuffle, it failed to play any song and the yellow LED light thereof remained lit and stayed as such without a blink. “What could be wrong? What have I possibly done to destroy such a costly gadget?”, I thought. What followed is seeing myself inside an internet café as I frantically “googled” for any possible solution that could bring my precious Shuffle to life but none of the solutions I downloaded and copied ever brought my presumed “dead” Shuffle to life. Neither the “iPod Shuffle Database Builder” nor the “iPod Reset Utility” softwares ever changed its state. With no single song ever played, I settled using my Shuffle as a Memory Flash Drive, to which I saved my office files onto. And with that, I kept myself satisfied having a 1GB iPod Shuffle.

Then, I made a long distance call to the only Apple Service Center in the Philippines (I think) and that is, Power Mac of San Juan, Metro Manila. After informing its personnel of my aforecited predicament, I was told that they are unable to fix my Shuffle, not only that they don’t open it for repair but also that my warranty had expired, thus, they are equally unable to send me with a new one. I was made to understand that I should have bought an extension of the warranty of my Shuffle prior to its expiration. Thus, I had to settle having my Shuffle for data transfer purposes only. Otherwise, as I was also told by said personnel, I could have my Shuffle traded-in with the latest Shuffle in the market that serves like a clip on the pocket with a 10% discount.

When I had an audio system installed on my 100cc Topboy scooter, I had to borrow the MP3 player of a friend just to satisfy my desire to listen to my kind of music. And I had to buy a number of AAA batteries for it as well, unlike with my Shuffle, the battery is directly rechargeable upon insertion on the USB port of my PC.

The, last night, after having my PC formatted a week ago, as if I was led to a miracle as I thought of trying my luck in reviving my deceased Shuffle. Of course, not by mouth to USB resuscitation but as follows:

First, with my Shuffle inserted on the USB port of my PC, I went to My Computer and therein, I right clicked on the drive referring to my Shuffle and formatted it not under the FAT 32 file system but on FAT for no definite reason but only for a change as I have also tried reviving it before by formatting it on my PC with the FAT 32 file system but with no luck;

Second, I installed the latest “iPod Software Updater” with the iPod Shuffle 1.1.4 version firmware and thereafter, I inserted my Shuffle on the USB port of my PC. After having been recognized by the PC, I clicked on the “restore” button but with no luck as it showed the same “Disk Write error”. I did not surrender and I clicked on the “update” button and alas, it did updated the firmware of my Shuffle to the latest 1.1.4 version;

Third, I installed the latest iTunes on my PC and filled songs on my Shuffle with firm hopes that it will play the same but again, no luck. Again, I did not loss hope;

Fourth, having updated the firmware of my Shuffle to the 1.1.4 version, I thought then that I could now use the “iPod Shuffle Reset Utility” software that I previously used on my iPod but to no avail because it did not carry then the 1.1.4 version firmware and as such, the said software did not recognize my Shuffle. After having installed said software and activated it, I safely removed my Shuffle from the USB port and reinserted it anew. Oh yeah, the “iPod Shuffle Reset Utility” software recognized my Shuffle. Then, I clicked on the “reset” button and the progress bar started moving slowly and faster until it finally restored my Shuffle to its factory settings with firm hopes that it did brought it back from the world of the dead. The revival job is nearing to a conclusion;

Fifth, I opened the latest iTunes software I previously installed and filled my Shuffle a couple of songs. Thereafter, I safely removed it from the USB port, inserted my headphone and then, I shouted at the hearing distance of my neighbors a souding YES, YES, YES. My 1GB iPod Shuffle came back to life. It played the songs I filled onto it;

Now, I am so happy having my Shuffle from the world of the many dead Shuffles. I am now enjoying my iPod shuffle using the headphone and the audio system of my scooter. A miracle had happened, indeed.

With this article, I hope that those who kept on posting their ire against Apple Computer, Inc. on the web would be able to bring their iPod Shuffles to life as well. Don’t loss hope. I did not throw my Shuffle on the trash when I presumed it was dead. I kept it and used it as it could possibly be used, in my case, as a memory flash drive.

And for my parting words, take note of the following tips on how NOT to destroy you iPod Shuffle, to wit:

1. It is a must to safely removed your iPod Shuffle from the USB port of your PC. You can do this my right-clicking on the USB device icon located on the Notification Area of your Windows OS, normally beside the date and time. Then, click on stop and on another;

2. Should you use your iPod Shuffle for saving your data files onto, make it sure to allocate a number of megabytes for said purpose through the settings offered in the iTunes software;

3. Minimize having to “update” or “restore” your iPod Shuffle. This, I think, must only be done once in the lifetime of your iPod Shuffle. Should there be any updated iPod Software Updater, you may as well use it but once;

4. I actually haven’t seen the alleged beauty of “iPod Shuffle Database Builder” for when I did, I had it installed on a dead Shuffle. For those who do, I just hope you could uninstall it when desired. I sent an email to its programmer, asking how to uninstall it but he did not replied. And for those who have not, do not. Do not ever use any other software on your iPod Shuffle if its not from Apple Computer, Inc.. Modifying the firmware of your iPod with another that does not have the blessings of Apple Computer, Inc. could, in one way or another, eventually destroy your iPod and when it does, then you will start posting your ires against Apple Computer, Inc.. That’s bad;

5. So to speak, the continued enjoyment we wish to have with OUR iPod is OUR responsibility. The way and purpose we use it is in us. Certain rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts, must be followed and we must stick to it. Otherwise, stop hurting the feelings of the talented personnel of Apple Computer, Inc. who simply desires to share their precious technology for our benefit and extreme enjoyment. I love my revived 1GB iPod Shuffle!

Well, I am neither an employee of Apple Computer, Inc. nor related with any of its personnel. I did not even author this article, sent it to Apple Computer, Inc., and posted it on the many bulletin regarding this subject, with hopes that the Honorable COO of Apple Computer, Inc. could read it and considerably send me the latest iPod Shuffle as a token of appreciation but solely, exclusively and simply, to share to the many iPod Shuffle users and owners in the world on how to bring their dead Shuffles to life and on how not to kill it as well. Love thy iPod as you love thyself. Protect it from your ignorance and curiosities,, as I say in my own native tongue – “Mabuhay ang mga iPod users sa buong mundo!”