Building a Game Engine with Cocoa, Part 2
Subject:   FIXED: Incorrect Boolean login in NOTEQUAL_NSPOINTS?
Date:   2007-01-15 09:55:49
From:   Ginkgo_52
Response to: FIXED: Incorrect Boolean login in NOTEQUAL_NSPOINTS?

I also receive the "array type has incomplete element type" errors when building using the GCC 4.0 compiler, but not with GCC 3.3 (the project compiles with no errors using GCC 3.3). This appears to be due to changes that were made in the GCC compiler in version 4 - the GCC compiler no longer allows incomplete (undimensioned) array types. A quick web search indicates that others have obtained this error in GCC 4.0 from code that compiled with GCC 3.x.

The project will compile without errors in GCC 4.0 if the board array is explicitly dimensioned by changing the four occurrences of 'withBoard:(int[][])board' to 'withBoard:(int[8][8])board' (one each in GameBoard.h, GameBoard.m, AppController.h and AppController.m).