Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications
Subject:   thanks, I believe # is F-scripts symbol and have distilled something
Date:   2002-08-12 22:12:01
From:   psheldon
Response to: thanks, example gave something to chew on

My objC.pdf manual with index didn't mention a #.
I got, p.57 of old objC.pdf manual with index, that a method selector can take a runtime assigned variable as an argument, so I understand why you value implementing F-Script to take something like a literal constant. I've seen constant strings and string variables that were assigned, so I think I got the idea what this #-construct is doing and how its place could be occupied with something more general.

You wrote :
"The target-action paradigm is described in the Apple Objective-C book, as well as some notions about outlets."
I read this, but I need to struggle writing to get it in my heart.
An outlet is an object declared in a controller associated with an IB object. The IB/controller object has methods that the controller can send it as messages, such as to write some text. Now, when I set up such an outlet and its use totally in F-Script and interface builder, I imagine I must exemplify me doing something to get that object to do its method. To get an idea, I give myself an example of pushing a button. That button would run a script by my coding as in your example and in that script the outlet would be assigned to and object by the control drag mechanism. Then I would see the text print.
Am I right?
If I am right, when I am not so tired, I will give myself an exercise doing this in a simple little example program. I shall then write myself a little column, big enough for my own adventure. I know I can talk myself into believing I understand, but only when I try to work out something will I get the ultimate confidence (after some frustration).
I shall consider buying Cocoa book by Hillegass.
Thank you again.

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