Subject:   democratization or divide
Date:   2007-01-17 16:54:56
From:   Badrirag

Your article on web 2.0 is a must-read for any existing and aspiring technologist, visionary and entrepreneur. The clarity and the examples are really amazing.

When I wanted to know something about Web 2.0 (sometime y'day afternoon), I thought I may have to spend hours in getting to the core but thanks to your article, I have some understanding pretty fast. Congrats once again.

While it appears that web 2.0 as a platform would foster greater participation of users and facilitate an unprecedented level of user-generated content, the effort required for participation seems staggering and even daunting. Writing a blog is now a child's play but getting it noticed is becoming tougher and in some cases devious too. Add the dimension of constantly engaging people in conversation (if one is astute enough to start one)and it appears to be a full-time job,out of reach of the common man (or the long tails as popularly known).

And as one needs to be update on the latest trends there is a demand for reading other blogs, facilitated by RSS feeds and services like bloglines. I am reminded of the numerous selections I made while signing up for a Yahoo account a few years ago and then was swamped by the tons of emails offering everything under the sun. I then had to literally unsubscribe to most of those offers and sites. I see a similar trend happening in the blogsphere where people generally subscribe to many blogs (will this happen if content was priced, even a pittance?) and then find that the number of unread posts becomes unwieldy. Presto they click on 'Mark all Read' and that is back to square one.

I will take a break now and would really like to have your views.