Simplify PHP Development with WASP
Subject:   A work in progress
Date:   2007-01-17 19:56:55
From:   ricksta
The integration of my 2 favorite php components - Flexy templates and Pear DataObjects - seemed to good to be true, and like most frameworks, WASP needs refinement.

WASP can only begin to simplify web development once it has been installed, configured, and learned - and currently that is difficult. The automated configuration is great if it works, but what to do if not? We can find some documentation on Flexy and DataOjects but the documentation on WASP is limited to the api which doesn't explain how the classes work together. An event-driven architecture is great, but with one catchall method you still have to apply logic to determine which code to execute. Prado and Code Igniter solve this by using a seperate methods for different events - not to say those frameworks are perfect.