Why I Stopped Coding and Why I'd Start Again
Subject:   Other things that keep me from programming
Date:   2007-01-19 14:01:28
From:   carribeiro
Thanks for the article! One of the things that made me lose the pleasure of programming was the lack of good open source database support... specially in Python, which is also the language that I most like to write (and read) code. By the way - Python's is a reader's language, don't you think? I used to work in Delphi (I'm proud of being one of the first people around here, in Brazil, to have access to the 18 floppies with Delphi 1.0 beta), and this was one of the things that they got right - and eventually, Microsoft copied it (badly) and there it went. Also, I remember seeing Java code for the first time, a long way ago... when I say the class statements with something like domain names, I thought that they would do it right, and implement exactly what you propose now - but we all know how it ended.

But database support isn't the only thing in my list now. There are two other things that make me crazy right now: unicode and visual application testing. At this time, I hoped for unicode to be already well stablished, with all the quirks ironed out. But my last experiences with setting up webservers told me the opposite: it's still quirky, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, and it's quite easy to get a garbled webpage when simply porting a webapp from one server to another. Tracing it down is a nightmare, because the error can be about anywhere: in the data, in the database, in the webserver, in the client... go figure.

As for visual application testing, it's another nightmare. I really love the concept of test-driven development... but in reality, webapps are incredibly difficult to test in this fashion. It's hard to do automated regression 'the right way', with tools. There's a lot of stuff in the way, things that may look exactly the same to your eyes but look completely different for the testing tool. It's not just an annoyance, it makes automated testing impossible for small scale projects.

These are the problems that I would like to see solved - easy database connectivity, unicode that just works anywhere, and better testing tools that really work with visual apps or webapps. For now, it's just a dream, and it's what keeps me away from programming.

Carlos Ribeiro