Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   my two cents
Date:   2007-01-19 22:00:46
From:   martshal
I continue to use my iBook and macBookPro for Java dev, and try to tweak them to be as *nix tool friendly as possible... but your point is VERY WELL taken here:

The system should adjust to the way I work, not the other way around.

I recently tried to get fvwm to work on my ibook the way it does on my *BSD boxes, and discovered it would be a nearly infinite time-sink just for, what I would consider, basic functionality and configurability.

Which brings up another *Jobsism*: the single menu crap. A single menu on your desktop is a TASK SWITCHING not a multitasking mechanism... get over it. And if you don't agree with me, then you should have the ability to use a single menu windowing manager just as easily as I

be able to use a
window manager.

As the versions of os x go higher and higher in number the configurability gets lower and lower. Anybody try using UFS on 10.4?

It sounds like our needs and usage for computers are very different, but our goals are almost identical: a configurable, adaptable tool that works the way I want it to work.