Building Enterprise Services with Drools Rule Engine
Subject:   Testing
Date:   2007-01-21 04:32:42
From:   dlinsin
This article gives a good overview of how to incorporate Drools Rule Engines (JBoss Rules) into a real world enterprise application. The domain used in this article is quite complex (mortgage underwriting service) and it's a good example of what I think is a big drawback when using a rule engine: testing!

Don't get me wrong, I think using a rule engine to implement business logic is the way to go. What I'm asking myself is how to test those rules. I believe it's quite difficult to test a single rule using a JUnit TestCase, since it can affect other rules or it needs other rules to determine its outcome. And I guess testing gets even harder when you apply conflicting rules.

I'm wondering if their is some kind of test harness when it comes to rule engines?

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