MacBook Pro: The Thermal Paste Question
Subject:   macbook pro thermal paste replaced
Date:   2007-01-21 19:33:15
From:   menajem
i have my macbook pro for few months already. i never bothered about the temperature. i use a laptop rest with fans and smc fan control. i always kept it on 2000 rpm. i got nuts cause i paid 2000us$ on a "laptop" that should be ok to use on the lap. i found few people that opened the laptop to change the paste, just voids the warranty, but i know to repair them so i did it. before the "fixing" the temperature in normal use, without any cooling system or program, was beween C75 and C80. now that i changed the paste, and any normal thermal paste will work, just has to be applyed properly. now my macbook pro works on C50 and the sensors read the temperature and tries to keap the laptop in C50 degrees. when goes over that temperature will never reach more than C54 cause the fans will kick faster. never went the rpm over 3000 but normally is around the rpm 2000. before the temerature did not reach the sensors so the fans did not kick over 1040rpm, never. now i can touch the part that is over the function keys. i can use the macbook pro as a laptop .my macbook pro is core duo 2.0ghz with 2gb ram, 100gb hd 5400rpm.