Review/Preview: 2006 and 2007 in Java
Subject:   Resurrection of Java Applets & WebStart
Date:   2007-01-22 10:33:42
From:   JohnCWalker
It was a decade ago when Sun introduced version 1.0 of the Servlet specification which gave software engineers the ability to create applications using just HTML and JavaScript.

As a sharp contrast to the network piping available then, today the broadband penetration rate is 80% among Internet users and the "YouTube" generation now gobbles significant bandwidth for entertainment. Meanwhile we continue to try to architect software that will fit within only a few bytes across the wire.

2007 will represent the year where software engineers begin to revisit their original assumptions about the web and recognize that in targeting software for the future it is prudent to explore thin rich clients such as applets and those delivered by Java Web Start which are more development and maintenance friendly than shoe-horning HTML and JavaScript into an application.