Review: Olympus DS-2 Stereo Voice Recorder
Subject:   Meeting Room
Date:   2007-01-22 15:02:29
From:   Shelbyjean
Response to: Meeting Room

I read your DS-2 review. Sounds like my DS-2 (bought Dec '06) is a lemon. (1)Batteries would drain just from sitting 1-2 days--Olympus said that's normal--so had to take batteries out between uses.
(2)I tried using the DS-2 to digitize audio tapes via a Radio Shack connecting cord, but the recordings drag. Didn't notice it right away but when I timed it, I found they were several seconds per minute slower than the recorded source. I ruled out all other possible causes - cord vs air, usb connection, listening on computer vs ds-2, & using different tape decks. (3) Could never use stereo settings with cord because the sound was incredibly harsh with extra noise no matter what the volume. (4) When I did attempt stereo settings, my understanding was it would still be recorded in mono.

Olympus would not budge on the 1-yr warranty although I was just 2 weeks beyond when formally complaining. The battery issue I complained about midway thru warranty but put up with it since they said it was normal.

Still need a way to digitize tapes, so am currently on hold.

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