Handling Events in JavaServer Faces, Part 1
Subject:   event that is thrown at RestoreView
Date:   2007-01-22 18:19:31
From:   eraticus
I have an JSF application specification that states that the application needs to refresh itself everytime the page is refreshed.

Instead of having code in each value binding method that accesses the backend, it would be best (because of the architeture of the backend) if only one call where made, then each field get its parsed and processed section of the returned data.

What would be ideal would be an "onpageload" type event that could be caught every time the page where refreshed.

I thought that it might be possible to do this by queuing an event on a UIElement accessor from the backing bean, forcing an event to be processed, and then refreshing the controller in the event handler code.

Unfortunately I don't know how I would do this, or even if it is possible. Do you have any pointers or ideas on how a "pageload" event could be created?