Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   ipod Cable Woes fixed!!!!
Date:   2007-01-23 12:24:01
From:   SharkyS4
I hope this helps someone, I wasted too much time on this and finally got a solution.

Went to Radio Shack and picked up their ipod cable branded as ACCURIAN A/V CABLE FOR IPOD VIDEO Model: AMA-2398 Catalog #: 12-2398. The tech dude told me that's the one to get, as I had asked for just a camcorder A/V cable. $14.99 for this little bit of happiness!!!! The monster cable itv link, POS, did not work at all, sound but no video.

I'm connecting my G5 Ipod to a Yamaha receiver using the front Aux-Video RCA inputs.

The cable is already switched, meaning that the red goes to red, white to white and yellow to yellow. No crossing required. I originally tried to cross it and got nothing.