Digitizing VHS Tapes with EyeTV
Subject:   EyeTV 2 makes (most) of this useless ... which is good!
Date:   2007-01-23 16:01:36
From:   pemungkah
I highly recommend getting the EyeTV 2 update. You do have to pay for it, but the big plus is that all of your recordings are now saved as packages with real names, as opposed to weirdly-named directories with confusing files in them.

If you've got stuff backed up on DVD with the Applescript I mentioned here, you'll need to do a little bit of twiddling to get the exported versions back into EyeTV. Here's how.

  1. Record 2 seconds of video to create a recording package. We're going to use this later to "clone" new packages for your older data.
  2. Mount your DVD with the backed-up recordings.
  3. Open the EveTV Archive in the Finder.
  4. Duplicate the 2-second-long Live Recording.
  5. Right-click (for those of you with a single-button mouse, hold down the Control key and click) to pop up the contextual menu. Select the "View Package Contents" item.
  6. Open one of the recording folders from the DVD.
  7. Drag all of the items in the package contents window to the Trash.
  8. Drag the contents of the recording folder into the now-empty package.
  9. Close the package window.

Repeat this for each recording directory on your DVD backups; if you run low on space, you can burn new backup DVDs of the recordings by simply dragging the recording packages from the EveTV Archive folder to the DVD, then burning it.

When finished, open EyeTV2 and it will automatically discover the proper name for each recording and show it in the Programs window.

As an aside, I finally invested in Toast 8 and I have to say that it makes the process of creating a DVD that will play on any standard DVD player completely trivial. We're well through the backlog now, and will soon have a small stack of DVDs instead of half-a-bookcase of tapes.