Building Enterprise Services with Drools Rule Engine
Subject:   Big Plus for testing, minus for console outputs in tests
Date:   2007-01-25 00:45:39
From:   klausikm
A big plus for your test-driven approach! It is still not common writing tests for applications.
But please try to do the unit tests without console outputs. No one needs them. Write asserts instead. You already did that at the end of the test cases. Why not skip the console outputs? It's useless information. A test case is not there to print something on the console in case it passes. It is not a black box that can be used by just executing it in order to understand what happens there. Developers have to investigate in a test case if they want to fully understand it. Even console outputs cannot give you a clear picture of what happens in a test.
Just consider JGAP, an open source application ( There are about 1300 test cases. Can you imagine what happens if they all print something to the console which would happen because they all have a common root test suite)? Who should evaluate that? What about slowing down the execution speed unnecessariliy? And finally: Who is able to spend so much additional time and effort in writing redundant console outputs if the information is already contained in the test logic?
Don't get me wrong: Your article is good, but to convince a good developer I think it needs some arguments... :-)