Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   Actually a practical idea by Apple!
Date:   2007-01-30 12:08:01
From:   titouenne
Response to: Actually a practical idea by Apple!

For those who can't figure out why their 3 to 1 A/V cable does not work, here are my findings:

Here's the low down:
The Video Ipod has 4 connections in its earphone jack. 3 signals and 1 ground. The tricky part is the sequence of these 4 connections. Starting from the bottom of the jack, you have the following sequence: Signal A - Signal B - Ground - Signal C.

When you use your standard earphones to listen to music, the 3rd signal (Signal C) is disabled. But when you activate the video output, Signal C is activated.

The tip of the cable i was using was setup in the following sequence: Signal A - Signal B - Signal C - Ground (i checked and confirmed it with a standard multimeter). So when you plug it in the Ipod, the 3rd signal from the Ipod gets connected to the ground of the cable, thus scrambling everything.

To make your connection work, you need a cable connected with the following sequence (the color of the wire do not matter because you can always switch them around, but the location of the ground IS critical):
Signal - Signal - Ground - Signal

If you are at a retail electronic shop or on eBay, and you're not sure if the cable fits, ask the technician or the seller to make a short and open test on your cable before you make your purchase. You should have the following results for it to work on your ipod:

Tip (Signal A) -> Short with 1 RCA tip
1st ring (Signal B) -> Short with 2nd RCA tip
2nd ring (Ground) -> Short with all 3 RCA rings
3rd and last ring (Signal C) -> Short with 3rd RCA tip

So you don't need the actual brand name Ipod AV cable, but you do need a cable with the same signal/ground configuration.

This has been verified and i garantee that it's 100% accurate. Hope it helps.

Titouenne, P.eng.
Montreal, Qc