Pocket DigiCam Shootout
Subject:   Canon PowerShot A20
Date:   2002-08-14 17:14:50
From:   mbrewer
I have a PowerShot A20 that I bought shortly after iPhoto came out. Yes, iPhoto was a major impetus for my digital camera purchase. I originally bought a Sony Cybershot a few years ago, but I was underwhelmed by its low-light resolution -- so back to the store it went.

When iPhoto came out, I looked into its capabilities and it ignited a desire to try digital cameras again. This time I chose the Canon after looking at the cameras on Apple's "Shop for iPhoto Products" page. A big factor was the fact that it uses a CompactFlash card which is more durable and cheaper than its competitors. It also uses normal alkaline batteries which give it a longer life and has 3x zoom when most others in the price range had 2x. I was pleasantly surprised by the PowerShot's performance and have largely replaced my conventional camera with it.

However, what I'm really waiting for is a greater than three mega-pixel digital camera body to drop to the $500 level. I miss interchangeable lenses and a through-the-lens view-finder. Once good digital camera bodies come out, I'll probably put my Minolta SLR up on eBay.

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    2002-08-15 06:55:45  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

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