Tuning Derby
Subject:   Where to place Derby
Date:   2007-02-01 15:22:34
From:   Oyku
I'll not say that MySQL does this Postgress does that or for prototyping purposes there exists SQLite. I'll also not say diversity is good, having choices are importortant and all the goodnes of free and open source. I truly respect people who invested their development time in Derby. But what I (really) don't get is what IS Derby. What is the aim of the project?

The information in the article is very and very intoductory. Which is good and generic. not specific to what a new project can offer. It's not new at all. That is the very very basics of databases. I found out that Derby was preinstalled with Netbeans 5.5 I've downloaded the other day and I said. Ok, that's good. I've got something under the hood that I can use during development. It's an Apache project that's also cool.

But next year will you be using Derby for your super duper web 2.0 site? Guess not. Remember the Apache mail server project?

So my question is why develop a new very generic multi purpose database engine? Please don't get me wrong. There are invaluable Apache projects like lucene, geronimo, jakarta commons, axis. But not a mail server or a database I guess. The play field is pretty much occupied.

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