Building Cocoa-Java Apps with Eclipse
Subject:   Need a clarification
Date:   2007-02-03 15:41:29
From:   bvasu
Great article, thanks!

I'm an old timer around Unix and new to OS X and Java programming. When I follow your steps I think I lose continuity at some points.

Get the Xcode Side...
1. OK
2. OK
3. OK (I match the graphic)
4. OK
5. In which folder do I create Resources and aren't you asking me to move some of the files I just deleted into this new folder?

Getting Started...
1. OK
2. OK
3. Is this the same or another TextEdit folder? I deleted all the .java files in 3 (above) and now you say Eclipse sees them.

Sorry if I am missing something obvious that is implied. Are we dealing with two folders, an original and a copy, or just one.