My Favorite Macworld Product: Indigo
Subject:   Justification
Date:   2007-02-05 12:22:03
From:   simdude
Just a couple comments on using Indigo and the cost. I think the 65 W bulb justification is a bit off. Technically, every x10/Insteon device will always be drawing a little electricity all the time, and if you need to leave your mac on, of course it always would be drawing electricity.

The financial side might be more justifiable if you consider the following options:

  • Buy a used mini (G4). It will work fine with Indigo and can be found on ebay for < $300.

  • Look for x10/Insteon stuff on ebay too. Insteon is much more reliable.

  • Consider connecting to the thermostat and sprinkler system if you have one. The thermostat can help save quite a bit and you can even send an email to your Indigo mac to run a script to say turn the temperature up or down depending on when you will be home. You can have an applescript check the weather and not turn on the sprinkler if it's going to rain. This type of automation will save much more than just the light control.

Just a few thoughts. More than the financial side though, this stuff can just be plain fun. Nothing like having over dinner guests, double tap the light switch to kick off an applescript and have the lights lower, and music start to play from iTunes.