Ben Long on Round-Tripping
Subject:   Aperture and Capture NX
Date:   2007-02-06 05:37:25
From:   StacyC
This podcast was very helpful as I have been using the Aperture 1.5 trial, but previously was using Capture NX for some things as well. The NX u-point adjustments are very powerful and provide some creative options that are just not available in Photoshop or Aperture, so it makes sense to apply the best tool for the given situation.

I really like what I see in Aperture so far, and knowing Apple I expect the product to evolve into something special over time.

Thanks for the great podcast. Appreciate the good work you're doing here.


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  1. Aperture and Capture NX
    2007-02-06 12:56:32  cminchom [View]

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