Ben Long on Round-Tripping
Subject:   Aperture and Capture NX
Date:   2007-02-06 12:56:32
From:   cminchom
Response to: Aperture and Capture NX

Another program I would like to use with this feature is DxO Pro 4.1. For example it has excellent specific lens correction features for each particular lens and camera body it has analysed; these do wonderful things, including removing distortion from zoom lenses etc.
The export from Aperture to DxO using this preference pane does not presently function properly however. The DxO people say it is because of the way Aperture functions and recommend using their program first with data straight out of the camera.
That is a shame since I don't necessarily want to batch process all my images there first before then archiving and selecting only the good ones in Aperture. If I can do it the other way around it may save me some time
Over to you Aperture....