An Unencrypted Look at FileVault
Subject:   VileFault and heavy use of memory and harddisk
Date:   2007-02-08 01:52:27
From:   Waldo3D

Hi there!
Last week Iíve got a break-in and they stole my laptop. A bloody shame!
So after searching and surfing the net about info regarding password-protection Iíve found this excellent article. Thank you for that!!!

Since my stolen laptop was only protected with a user-login, Iím thinking to use FileVault since there are no work-arounds for accessing the harddisc.

Iím creating lots of 3D stuff on my new ProBook and push the cpu and harddisc to the limits while renderings animation and so.

Question 1: can I build my stuff and renders outside the homemap and copy them after finishing to the (secured) homemap so then and only then FileVault come in to action? (or do I misinterpretate here)
And before shutting down my laptop I could use the ĎSecure Empty Trashí to permanent delete the file on the unprotected area of my HD.

Question 2: Iím already working on my ProBook. All my work is in the user-map. Can I use Filevault without reformatting and reinstalling and copy my stuff to a back-up and so?

Thanks in advice for the reply! And again thank you very much for your excellent article!!!


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