Subject:   Utilizing Web 2.0
Date:   2007-02-09 03:35:11
From:   Gigahaw
Great article. We are beginning our 2008 strategy planning (yeah, really) and these types of discussions are going on all over our office. I work for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company interested in staying ahead of our competitors via the web. We cannot sell direct in most cases but instead generate demand via the web. We have some interesting flexible design web apps that enable our visitors to interact with our products. Business users want to blog to share and get feedback but I have been warning them that once they start they have to keep at it or it will fail. They are very concerned with negative feedback they might receive. Can you speak to how large companies are working with the need to reach out using blogs and the tension of user comments? Also, can you provide some insight into how larger companies are using Web 2.0 for their businesses?

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