A New Visualization for Web Server Logs
Subject:   Works like a charm
Date:   2007-02-09 12:58:44
From:   bjelkeman
Response to: Works like a charm

Interesting. I have been working with web traffic analysis tools more or less since they came out and I have been saying that the current tools are very poor at giving good overviews of traffic. Mapping the traffic in 3d, there are several ways to do this of course, is a great way to increase the amount of information you can show in a graph. Not a lot of people think like me apperently, as essentially every developer I have talked to have essentially shrugged their shoulders at the suggesions.

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  1. I agree: sysadmins have no graphical tools
    2007-02-09 15:20:25  rajuvarghese [View]

    • I agree: sysadmins have no graphical tools
      2007-02-15 13:36:31  ksfiles [View]

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