Ben Long on Round-Tripping
Subject:   Round-Tripping article.
Date:   2007-02-10 06:26:04
From:   GaryLester
Another excellent article from Derrick Story and O'Reilly Digital Media!

Outside of my own workflow the podcast with Ben Long is the first discussion I have heard regarding the use of Nikon NX alongside with the excellent applications from Adobe and Apple's Aperture.

If I were to add anything to this very useful information it would be that even some of the basic applications such as iPhoto offer advantages the photographer may want to investigate. For instance iPhoto has, in my opinion, the best dust and spot removal tool. More thorough and significantly faster than what is available in the other process environments I have used. Also I have noticed that when Round-Tripping an image from iPhoto to Adobe Elements or Capture NX and back the option to restore image is reserved via the Return to Original function.

All and all the many choices of process and conversion options available and the way they integrate so well on the MAC make the realization and deployment possibilities of images more exciting than ever.

Good luck!