Tiger's Powerful Migration Assistant
Subject:   iPhoto Album transfers
Date:   2007-02-10 21:54:17
From:   WestCoastMacUser
Hi- I have a MacBook Pro I have been using for about 4 months and now have decided to use migration assistent to move my iPhoto albums to my new mac.
(My MacBook Pro iPhoto is empty at the moment.)

When I select to "Migrate Files and Folders" just the files and folders, I get a blank screen of choices, with about 6.3GBs of selected "nothings" with the continue button being active to move those "nothings".

All I want to do is to bring over my iPhoto Albums with there respective pictures organized in the albums (about 2000 pictures over 45 albums).

How do I only migrate only those albums?
Thank you.