A Day in the Life of #Apache
Subject:   Mixed name, port, and ip-based virtual hosts
Date:   2007-02-12 12:51:20
From:   Chris9
Hello Rich, I've read a number of your postings on this topic already and they have proved helpful so far. Thanks! OK so here's my question. I have a server with about 10 name based virtual hosts. I now need to set up 2 of them with separate SSL certificates. I understand that these need either a different IP or a different port. The different IP seems easier. BUT I am concerned that it is having problems because we are using NAT, so that within the apache config, the address is an internal one (e.g. I've created another one on that same server as Both of these IP address seems to be recognized fine within the network. Will this work as far as the virtual host setup, or do I need to have different external IP addresses too. I can't seem to get the secondary IP address to work in apache, the site with the secondary IP just goes to the default site.

Any suggestion or guidance would be much appreciated!