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  A New Visualization for Web Server Logs
Subject:   Surface plot, viewing 3D
Date:   2007-02-12 22:53:48
From:   rajuvarghese
Response to: Better ways to see 3D

Thanks dberkholz for your two suggestions. I did not create a surface plot because the Z
value is not continuous. For a small number of points it may look good. With
larger numbers it will not display well. Color, as noted in the article, will
be put to good use for visualizing another dimension in a forthcoming article.

The jittered plot was my attempt at displaying 3D without red-blue glasses or specialized equipment.
Since color will be used later for displaying another parameter I cannot use it for left and right images. Let me know if you had something else in mind with your suggestion.

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  1. Surface plot, viewing 3D
    2007-02-13 18:52:24  Nick_3D [View]

    • Surface plot, viewing 3D
      2007-02-15 08:20:29  rajuvarghese [View]

      • Surface plot, viewing 3D
        2007-02-15 18:04:44  Nick_3D [View]

  2. Surface plot, viewing 3D
    2007-02-13 18:48:31  Nick_3D [View]

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