A New Visualization for Web Server Logs
Subject:   Surface plot, viewing 3D
Date:   2007-02-13 18:48:31
From:   Nick_3D
Response to: Surface plot, viewing 3D

Surface 3D visualization gives much better perception in any case as correctly mentioned by dberkholz. It is easy to understand because real objects we uset to seal with in life looks like surfaces rather than clouds. As many as several thousands points look still good in as 3D surface. Colors help a lot too as correctly mentioned by dberkholz. For more that 1 MLN points the best is still surface 3D visualization but enchanced with real-time zooming (all directions) and flyby, that is normally no problem with reasonable dedicated multidimentioanal graphics software package.
For better 3D screen shots you can see this for example:

What matters the most I think is a interactive way to read back the data of the interest in any point of the surfaces and at any time of navigation. Read out such as point position folowing mouse (XYZ), crossection, difference between markers, etc.
Something like this

Thank you for your attention.