Clustering and Load Balancing in Tomcat 5, Part 2
Subject:   Clustering And LoadBalancing
Date:   2007-02-13 23:29:07
From:   vsubram2
Response to: Clustering And LoadBalancing

I have followed the article and created and configured the Load Balancer and the Cluster Instances .

could see the memebrship establishment ,replication member added messages in the cluster instances cmd pmpt windows .

also able to see the recieve session messages in other instances of the cluster domain whenever a session.set,add,removeAttribute is called in one of the instances of the cluster .

failover,sessionreplication is not happening ..
http://localhost:10080/clusterapp/sessiondata.jsp is the page i am working on .i have added two session attributes and it is listed ,i manually crash the 10080 ie)cluster2 instance and i continue to add attributes in the same page http://localhost:10080/clusterapp/sessiondata.jsp?method=addAttr...browser is saying page canot be found .

will the loadbalancer not working properly?means it is load balancers duty to redirect the request to the available instance or not .

please help asap .I need to make use of this sample in my real working application .